Spyros Parthenios

Diploma of Physics, AUTh Greece, Diploma of Architecture, NTUA Greece
Field: Sustainable Architecture, Construction Documentation, on-site supervision, Landscape Design

Panagiotis Parthenios

Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete
Director of the Digital Media Lab
Director of Post Graduate Studies
Diploma of Architecture, AUTh Greece
MDesS in Project Management, Harvard Design School
Doctor of Design, Harvard Design School
Field: Design Management, Conceptual Design, New Digital Media in Architectural Design

Ina Partheniou

Diploma of Architecture, AUTh Greece
Field: Design Development, Construction Documentation, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Market research

Christos Kyrou

Diploma of Architecture, Westminster, UK, Master in Architecture and Digital Media, Westminster, UK
Field: Conceptual Design, Interactive applications and innovative technologies, Public Projects Consultant

Fani Papadopoulou

Interior Designer
Vakalo Arts & Interior Design, Greece
Field: Interior design, Construction Documentation, Colors, Materials, Market Research

Christina Amanatidou

Diploma of Architecture, ArchUPatras
Field: Construction Documentation, 3D visualization

Manthi Maragkoudaki

Diploma of Architecture, and Master in Architecture – Space and Culture, NTUA Greece
Field: Design Development, Construction Documentation,  Interior Design, Market research

Stathis Efstathopoulos

Civil Engineer, University of Patras
Field: construction supervision, construction documentation

Georgia Zacharaki

Civil and Structural Engineer, TEI Piraeus
Field: Project Management, communication management (in/out), secretarial support


Giorgos Papadopoulos

Civil Engineer, University of Patras
Construction Consultant

Panagiotis K. Parthenios

Civil Engineer, NTUA,
Structural Design Consultant