Exclusive architectural design
PARTHENIOS architects+associates offer a broad range of premium services to distinguished clients who are interested in creating a unique private or public space since 1974. Our office does not follow the philosophy of standardized designs. We select only a limited number of projects each year on which we devote all our inspiration and attention.


Premium services
Our projects include -but are not limited to: villas, office buildings, hospitals, museums, theaters, industrial buildings, housing complexes, exhibition spaces and landscape design. What makes our office distinguish is not so much the types of projects we undertake as it is our philosophy towards them: regardless its type each project stands out for its unique idea -selected among a large number of alternative explored solutions-, its functionality, aesthetics and construction quality. Bioclimatic architecture and energy consumption are crucial in our design decisions.


Professional support
Based on a holistic design-build philosophy our aim is to assist the client in revealing his/her true needs and satisfy them in the best realistic way. From the very beginning of the schematic design till the final delivery of the completed project, PARTHENIOS architects+associates provide professional support to the client through specific integrated processes, which guarantee a successful accomplishment of the client’s expectations.