4 Residences in Dionysos
  • Residences Complex on Sokratous Street in Dionyso 6

4 Residences in Dionysos

Client: Private Citizen
Area: 1631 m2
Location & Year: Dionysos, 2009
Photo Credits: Georgios Sfakianakis
Tags: Architecture design, interior design


The site is located in Dionysos Attica and is part of a four unit residential complex between Sokratous and Evripidou. The residence is accessed through Sokratous street and is spread onto four levels of 268 m2 of total floor space.

The design accommodates the brief of the family which was to create two distinctive spaces interconnected through an inner staircase.

The ground floor area provides access to the garden and welcomes within its 77 m2, a living room, dining room, bedroom and a kitchen facility. Moving onwards towards the upper floor level of the house one finds an open communal space leading to the second floor level where a master bedroom is located as well as a children’s bedroom  and a study. The attic is accessed through a timber staircase and serves as a playroom or a guest house. Soft textures, earthy tones and timber are used extensively throughout the interior of the house in order to create a cozy atmosphere.

Solid surfaces mixed with contemporary finishes and classical elements form the exterior shell of the house, in respect to the surrounding greenery. The landscaping is developed according to the micro climate of the area. Finally, meticulous use of artificial lighting throughout give a unique edge to the overall outlook of the building.