Assodivers Headquarters
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Assodivers Headquarters

Title: Assodivers Headquarters

Client: Assodivers

Area : 7.374,46 sq.m.

Location & Year: Kalubaki, Elefsina, 2018

Tags: industrial buildings, offices design, headquarters


The location of the Assodivers Headquarters building emerged at every step in compliance with the urban and building regulations and the allowed distances from the boundaries of the plot and the road. There were three existing buildings on the plot (building 2, building 3, and building 4). The customer was asked to build a new industrial building with offices that serve the needs of a modern shipping company.

The main building consists of two separate units, joined together to create offices in the northern section and an industrial area in the southern section which faces the sea. The office building is accessed from the ground floor, where there is a reception area, machine tool areas, and some functionally dependent areas. At the same level, there is a double height storage space contained in the office building, with access from the west side of the building.

On the 1st and 2nd floors of the office building, the office spaces and the individual departments of the company are designed. On each level, there is an outdoor relaxation area; and on the 2nd floor, in particular, there is a patio centered in the office space.

The industrial building extends mainly on the ground floor level with double height spaces. A small area is found on the 1st floor, and a loft or auxiliary space on the 2nd floor. The vertical communication between the floors is achieved with three stairwells/elevators.

The design of the spaces focused on flexibility and functionality as they are intended for the engagement of numerous staff. The use of materials such as glass surfaces acts as open spaces for team and individual work when and where required. The natural wood, the perforated metal surfaces as well as the details in the furniture and lighting, compose the pattern of the design of a completely renewed industrial building with a more modern aesthetics.