Bar Restaurant in Chalkidiki
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Bar Restaurant in Chalkidiki

Client: Private Citizen
Area: 7.250 sq.m.
Location & Year: Nikiti, Halkidiki, 2013
Tags: Architecture design, landscaping, multi-space design

This Restaurant Bar in Nikiti, Halkidiki is located near the Sithonia peninsula. It extends on a hill with amphitheater view to the beach of Nikiti and south-west orientation. It consists of a summer restaurant, bar, office space, swimming pool and outdoor recreation areas.

The 2,400 m2 ground floor includes 350 m2 of indoor space and 900 m2 of covered outdoor space, which, with the help of tensile mobile lightweight structures, can be expanded to 1450 m2. Utilizing the significant slope of the ground, the basement, with a total area of ​​1,900 m2, offers above ground spaces for the event hall.

There were two main issues that were posed to scholars from the beginning: the “transfer of the sea on the hill” and the creation of an open platform to enjoy the sunset. Also important was the need for flexibility of venues and functions, so that, for example, a wedding event could be hosted and at the same time other venues, such as the bar, operate independently. The result was a composition of volumes inspired by the hulls of the boats, with the bow fully open, perpendicular to the sea horizon and the closed above-ground spaces located at the stern – which define the entrance to the complex.

The reinforced concrete shell is partly lined with wooden blinds which, placed horizontally – as isosceles curves – emphasize the ever-changing curvature of the volumes. The composition of the volumes, although characterized by a strict geometric contour, allows through metal and tensile movable light structures to acquire the spaces enclosed by the shells, the desired flexibility depending on the needs of the event, but also the weather conditions.

The complex stands on a central axis of symmetry, which is perceived mainly through the wedge-shaped layout of the floors and its end in the pool, but also by the corresponding canopy, which marks the entrance to the complex. The projected pool with its acute geometry creates a tension in the amazing point of the complex and an elevation, which is enhanced by the local strong slope of the ground and the revelation of great depth.