Biomedical Center
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. Intersection with interior design details
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. Exterior main view of the building
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. perspective view of the building from another entrance
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. view of the building from the street side
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. Conference room
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. Library space with furniture
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. Interior design of reading room of library
  • Bioethics and Biomedical Center. Exterior design of garden and main entrance

Biomedical Center

Client: Metropoli of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki
Area: 560 sq.m. , 354 sq.m.
Location & Year: Spata, 2015
Tags: educational buildings, spaces for disabled people, health centers

The proposal for the New Bioethics Center of the Metropolis of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki concerns the creation of a building with an amphitheater, a library, meeting rooms, offices and underground parking lots. The peculiarities of the plot such as the proximity to the Holy Temple, the large elevation difference between the two sides of the plot (east and west side), as well as the significant retreat of the west front from the road, were resolved for the architectural design and led in the central idea of the composition.

The large volume of the amphitheater breaks through the solid stone structure of the offices and seems to hang from it, creating underneath a covered space which follows the square that is revealed through the retreat of the building from the west front. At the same time, it releases its entire roof for outdoor use on the 1st floor, which houses a meeting room.

The main volume of the building is placed in a recess in relation to the east front and the upper street, allowing the light to reach the lower level of the first basement where the library is situated. The library space has three of its four sides open with glass facades to outdoor courtyards, making this space practically ground floor.

Along with its great height (4.5 m) on one side and the revelation of the roof of the hanging amphitheater on the other, it creates a very interesting space for reading, studying,and education between the bookshelves.
The materials chosen for the flooring are wood and marble, materials that ensure stability and non-slip, necessary for the smooth transition of wheelchairs.

The fixed furniture of the waiting areas-reception benches, always includes a section at least 1m long and lower than 0.80 from the floor for the best service of the disabled. In all waiting areas, there are landscaped seating areas with special seats with hard seats, as well as provision of free spaces, dimensions 0.80 * 1.30 for wheelchair parking.

There is access from both streets; the library can be entered from Agiou Dimitriou Street, while the amphitheater, office and meeting rooms, from Patriarchou Grigoriou E’ Street. In the 2nd basement a total area of 354 sq.m. parking spaces serve staff and visitors.