Hotel Resort & Private Residences
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Hotel Resort & Private Residences

The central idea of the architectural design is based on the creation of a tourist experiential experience in terms of identity and culture of Crete. Strong concepts that govern the architectural composition in relation to the imposing natural landscape are harmony, silence, and respect. Specifically, this is a complex tourist accommodation with a capacity of 560 beds in the first phase of construction and 1200 beds in total in the future phase of completion. The design utilizes the new model of development of tourist facilities and envisages the combination of a five-star hotel with 70 houses for sale or long-term lease.

The complex is developed on a coastal area of 200 acres in Northern Crete. It will include staggered developments, where, as a small local settlement, pedestrian movements on paths and standing platforms create a continuation with the natural descents of the land. The central core of outdoor activities (swimming pools, overnight, catering, leisure functions) will be developed in the central cavity of the stadium as a place of rest and tranquility with panoramic mountain and sea views. The local terraces offer rest stops and views of the imposing landscape, gradually directing the visitor to the coastline.

The main reception building is also developing in a staggered formation, with 8 types of accommodation, 4 types of houses, tourist facilities of special infrastructure (Spa, sports facilities, themed restaurants, swimming areas), as well as a small marina. The reception building will function as the place and time in which the visitor first gains an overall perception of the space. Upon entering the building, the visitor crosses a virtual border, leaving behind the visual chatter and facing the vastness, silence and unobstructed view of the surrounding natural beauty.

Also, the reception building functions as a descent limit in time and place and is the point from where the visitor comes in contact with the tourist destination, having an overall perception of the space. At the same time, it is used as a wall-border, which the visitor is invited to cross entering, leaving behind the visual chatter and facing, in the place where he would wait for the reception area, the emptiness, the silence and the unobstructed view.