MIELE offices and store
  • perspective view of the building
  • facade proposal
  • 1st floor_pro sales
  • 1st floor booths
  • 2nd floor area view
  • dinner area design decoration
  • metallic and glass details and view
  • side plan entrance view

MIELE offices and store


Area: 808.39 sq.m.

Location & Year: 69 KIFISIAS Ave. & VLACHERNON 2, MAROUSSI

Photo Credits: Georgios Sfakianakis

Tags: professional spaces, architecture design, offices, industrial buildings


The intervention in the existing building originally designed by ISV architects in 2007 , includes includes the internal remodeling of all areas of the property in order to accommodate the headquarters, the exhibition space and the support service of the company Miele Hellas.

The main goal was to create the feeling of a comfortable space in which there is flexibility of movement and interaction of both the staff of the company and the visitors. Modern, timeless and simple aesthetics were our main inspiration in the implementation of the interior architecture.

More specifically, the ground floor space is configured as an exhibition space with the company’s products but with the possibility of showing the devices to the public and hosting events. In the waiting and reception areas, the different colors of the walls and furniture offer a more modern and light atmosphere.

On the first and second floor, the glass dividers are used to form the individual offices. In the basement, which communicates with the ground floor and the first floor through a patio, open and closed office spaces, a kitchen for the staff members and the service area of the devices are formed.

The design focused on waiting areas, reception, offices and meeting & focus booths. The basic synthetic principle of the redesign was to be flexible in terms of operations, with possibilities of group and individual work when and where required, open to the outside of the building but also to the inside large patio, low energy consumption and to follow the wellness standards and hygiene in the post-Covid era.