Redesign of Ergo administration offices on Syngrou Avenue in Athens_2017

Redesign of Ergo administration offices on Syngrou Avenue in Athens_2017

Photo Credits: Giorgos Sfakianakis


The ERGO insurance company headquarters on Syngrou Avenue in Athens is a building complex with a total area of 11,100 m2 divided in two major buildings. The objective of the 1st phase of the redesign was to completely re-configure the 4th floor where the administration offices are located. The overall building program sets a new layout for the administration offices along with the positioning of the Department of Legal Services. This dual use led to the division into two distinctive zones on the ground plan, between which a large meeting room was placed as a connecting place and core. Outside, in the heart of the floor, the reception area was created as a big hug, reflecting the new philosophy of the company with its new logo. Vertical wooden blinds with a cross section of 25x5cm in curved layout soften the rigor of the pre-existing orthogonal layout of offices and movements.

The combination and contrast of warm materials and shades (such as natural veneer -in various applications and wood-sided flooring) with cold (the White and gray shades of furniture lacquer and marbles) comes to a balance in the whole, satisfying the original requirements. The existing elevated floor was covered with vinyl flooring, in the form of either a knitted carpet or wooden strips, depending on the function of the spaces.

In combination with the distinctive living room and the warm colors, the materials give a tone of a more intimate atmosphere to the reception area. At the same time, the use of large transparent surfaces, the entry of natural light from a large skylight on the ceiling, the appropriate hidden linear lighting, as well as the utilization of natural greenery, make the space feel bigger while creating a sense of comfort and security. At the perimeter of the luminous core one can find the individual administration offices. All the materials were selected based on the criteria that served the above purpose.