Redesign of Hotel Eleana Tinos, Phase B_2020

Redesign of Hotel Eleana Tinos, Phase B_2020

Photo Credits: Angelos Apergis & Lefteris Katsinelos

Collaboration with MAKE Creative Spaces



Eleana Hotel Tinos is located in the picturesque alleys of Tinos town. It is a family business that has been active for almost fifty years. The goal of the owners is for the visitor to experience the Greek hospitality and to become as familiar as possible with the surrounding environment.

This was the direction that was followed when redesigning the existing rooms.

The intention of the architectural study was to transform the rooms of the 70s-80s from a sleeping area/space, to a hospitality area emphasizing in the sense of experience, with a refreshing mood, in order to meet the needs of the contemporary traveler.

Radical renovations were carried out in the interior of the building, in order to meet the needs for usability and flexibility, in the limited sizes of the existing space.

Clean geometries, the use of open furniture – structures, as well as the transparency of the partitions to the bathroom, help towards experiencing a more spacious space, always in combination with the possibility of isolating it for privacy. At the same time, the use of earthy materials and colors, with small black touches, on a white background, serve as a background for creating new memories of the visitor.

Finally, the necessary emphasis was given to artificial decorative lighting, in order to create a pleasant environment for all hours of the day.