Residence Complex on Menelaou street in Voula
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Residence Complex on Menelaou street in Voula


Client: Private Citizen
Area: sq.m.
Location & Year: Voula, 2014
Tags: Architecture design, interior design


The residential complex organizes six houses in one volume, which, while governed by functional symmetry in plan view, nevertheless negates it at the level of face and shell, in order to illusion the dynamic movement.

The whole composition is characterized by large openings and elongated balconies, of which those on the south face stand out from the main shell due to the different color of the coating – white against the gray surfaces that dominate the whole, but also because of their elongation to the east outside the contour of the central volume.

The long and narrow balconies emphasize the horizontal direction, thus dividing the height of the whole. Especially on the south side, the balconies are characterized by asymmetry in relation to the, almost symmetrical, trunk of the building.

The horizontal white zones correspond to the vertical surface of blinds, which folds to create the entrance of the building and serves both for shading and visual isolation between the balconies of different houses.

The surrounding area of ​​the building is dominated by planting and the wet element with the two swimming pools, which serve the two houses on the ground floor. For shading the exteriors of the houses on the ground floor, pergolas are provided, which are suspended from the shell of the building and which contribute to its subdivision into horizontal zones, following the synthetic logic of the horizontal long and narrow balconies.