Residence in Pikermi
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  • Residence on Priamou & Alfionos Street in Pikermi 1
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  • Residence-on-Kassandrou-andGordiou-Street-in-Pikermi-3
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  • Residence on Priamou & Alfionos Street in Pikermi 5
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  • Residence on Priamou & Alfionos Street in Pikermi 8
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Residence in Pikermi


Client: Private Citizen
Area:       sq.m.
Location & Year: Pikermi , 2014
Photo Credits: Κonstantinos Kontos
Tags: Architecture design, interior design


One of the first questions in this project was whether the specific slope of the land and its distance from the ridge of the mountain would allow the view to the sea in the east. Study of the wider region and alternative scenarios lead to a local raise in height, aiming to gain visual access to the sea.

Converting this limiting factor to a dominant element of the architectural composition became the main concept of the project: part of the master bedroom (MBR) on the floor, following the slope of the land, was raised by 90 cm. and with its large eastern opening gave unimpeded sea view. Simultaneously, it allowed the volume of the bedroom to stand out from the rest of the residence, creating an elongated area for the staircase. The linear growth of the staircase in the east-west axis is serving on the one hand as a protective barrier to the north, and on the other hand through the openings of the glass roof as a solar chimney facilitating natural ventilation of the spaces of the residence.

The design of the residence incorporates selected bioclimatic design strategies based on climate analysis, and the constraints posed by the plot and the study area. Key design goals was minimization of heat loss and the optimal use of solar radiation for passive solar space heating of the residence during the cold, winter season, as well as natural ventilation and adequate sun protection of the facades, during the hot, summer season.

Some of the elements used in the specific project for a more sustainable, green, design are: external thermal insulation composite systems, thermal break aluminum frames, energy crystals, use of rainwater and separation of water-supply systems, biological wastewater treatment, backup solar system, heat pump assisted by solar panels, and more.