Restaurant and Mountain Cabins

Restaurant and Mountain Cabins

Client: 7th International Conference on Architecture Award S.ARCH – Tokyo

Area:1909,10 sq.m.

Location & Year: Lassithi Plateau, Crete, 2019

Tags: architectural proposal, design, exterior design, environmentally-friendly study


The orientation and the location of the plot at the entrance junction of the Lassithi plateau in Crete, as well as the relief of the ground with the mountain back, were utilized as the main axes of the project design. The composition consists of separate geometric structures with sloping roofs, connected at ground level, balanced in a single complex. The aim was to adapt the scale of the composition to the scale of the free, open, mountainous landscape, using the archetypal form of the individual houses / shelters. In the second phase of the project, additional similar volumes will be constructed to accommodate the hostels.

The entrance of the restaurant is marked by the double height ceiling, which is centrally placed. All the main areas of the restaurant are located on the ground floor, with additional extension to the top floor level, while the support functions are located underground.

The shells of the individual units are covered with Corten metal sheets so that the warm shades of the volumes harmonize with the colors of nature. The wooden cladding, the wooden pergolas as well as the stone surfaces contribute to the warm atmosphere. The transparency of the individual structures, with the cross formed by the large, traditional frames, give a characteristic identity to the façade of the complex.

The main aim of the study was to ensure that the building is fully harmonized with its natural environment, both in terms of its volume and in terms of environmentally-friendly material choices, based on the principles of sustainable development.