ZEDA Office Building
  • Facade_Redesign_and_Overall_development_of_ZEDA_Building_Thessaloniki_1
  • Main building entrance with automatic door with plant decoration_15.jpeg
  • Reception hall with Interior floor detail_18.jpeg
  • Night view of building facade_17.jpeg
  • Side view of the building with night lighting_16.jpeg
  • Interior space of offices with lighting, with wooden interior beams for office spaces and hidden lighting_14.jpeg
  • Interior staircase lighting with creation of dull glass composition_12.jpeg
  • Custom made composition for indoor lighting_1.jpeg
  • Detail of the exterior of the building with exposed concrete and the addition of vertical bars_9.jpeg
  • Exterior staircase detail of the floors of the building_7.jpeg
  • Indoor general access with diffused lighting and decorative planting_5.jpg
  • Staircase lighting detail with dull glass composition_4.jpg
  • Exterior detail of vertical bars on the face of the building and fencing surrounding area_3.jpg
  • Side view of the face of the building_4.jpg
  • Parking lot creation lines_6.jpg
  • Exterior detail of different materials in the composition of the building_2.jpg

ZEDA Office Building


Client: ZEDA Company

Area: 2000 sq.m.

Location & Year: 122 Agricultural School Avenue,Thessaloniki, MAROUSSI

Tags: professional spaces, architecture design, offices, industrial buildings, headquarters design


The office building of the company ZEDA, underwent a complete renovation and change of appearance. It is located in the area of Pylaia, Thessaloniki. In this building, the shell was adjusted specifically for the needs of the company that will house it.

Initially, emphasis was placed on the thorough recording of the needs of the company so that the architectural proposal is complete (customer preferences, philosophy and company vision). Our goal was to find the best solution for the specific building and for the specific employer.

The design philosophy was based on the principles of Holistic Design, with a focus on the greatest possible energy autonomy and the creation of a renewed identity for the building, which will attract new prospective tenants.

The different modern materials on the facades are on the one hand suitable for the new aesthetics that we wanted to create in the building and on the other hand compatible with the seaside location and long-term durability, without the need for maintenance.