• Consulting


    We assist the client in deciding where to invest in real estate. Practicing for 35 years allows us to have a very good picture of the market – especially in Athens. 

  • Conceptual Design

    Conceptual Design

    Design is our core business. All our colleagues have strong design background and with the use of new technologies design exploration is extended to new territories. A large number of design alternatives is investigated and visualized almost “live” so that the client can safely choose which solution fits better his/her personal needs.

  • Design Development

    Design Development

    We coordinate all the project participants and specialists in order to achieve smooth collaboration and produce the complete package of design development drawings. We offer FTP hosting for each project and we can act as the point of reference for Information Managing.

  • City Permits

    City Permits

    We undertake the whole process of issuing all the necessary permits from the appropriate authorities.

  • Construction Documentation

    Construction Documentation

    In collaboration with the construction managers (from our firm or from the Construction Company if there is one) we produce complete and detailed construction drawings synchronized with the latest methods and materials.

  • Construction Supervision

    Construction Supervision

    In small and mid-size projects we undertake supervision of the construction. In bigger scale projects we use external collaborators.

  • Post-Completion Project Support

    Post Completion Project Support

    We provide accurate as-built drawings for the completed project. We can assist in life-cycle management by providing a full 3D model of the building.

  • Expert Reports

    Expert Reports

    We undertake preparation of Expert Reports based on Greek building, construction and safety standards, as well as local and customary practice. We examine cases usually provided to us by law firms, in order to provide (foreign) Courts with knowledge and an understanding of Greek standards and regulations. We also investigate whether there have been design or construction elements that contribute in establishing fault and a breach of Greek Health and Safety Regulations in a given case. In the past we have prepared Expert Reports and we have acted as Single Joint Expert for various law firms, including PANNONE LLP and PLEXUS Law.