Residence in Ippokrateio Politeia

This is a new house with ground floor and one floor, swimming pool and basement in the Metohi area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKapandriti municipality. In the composition of the volumes, special emphasis was placed, from the beginning, on the relationship of the building with the environment as well as its inclusion in the morphology of the ground, of course respecting the building-urban planning regulations at every step.

The basic compositional principle was the utilization of the view and the correct orientation of the building. In terms of functionality, on the ground floor, which is on the same level as the main entrance, are the kitchen, the fireplace corner, the dining room and the living room with direct access to the covered areas and by extension to the pool area. The first floor has more private uses since it contains the family's three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The secondary uses of the auxiliary spaces of the residence have been placed in the basement (storage rooms, boiler room, elevator machine room, parking area).

The building, the pool and all the configurations have been placed in such a place on the plot that no tree cutting is required. The composition is completed by the configuration of the surrounding area, in which decorative and fruit trees, as well as decorative bushes, were preferred.




Ippokrateios Politeia

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